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  • Murder Mystery   Our famous Murder Mystery events are written in house and provide a fantastic evening for any number of guests.
  • Treasure Hunts  This cost-effective team building tool works well as a fun and exciting one-off event and can be set in any location.
  • Comedy  A host of comedy performers from Singing and Comedy Waiters to Paparazzi and Comedy Security.
  • Red Carpet Experience  Turning up to your event in style - your guest's are treated to the full 'Red Carpet' treatment!
  • Bespoke Event  Don't see something to fit your theme?
    Have your own entertainment ideas? Allow us to make them a reality for you.

Evening Entertainment

  • Murder Mysteries
    The Changing Faces Murder Mystery events are like no other. They are written in house and provide a level of performance and scripting that surprises most people, especially those who've seen a Murder Mystery before.

  • Comedy Acts
    Starting off as very inconspicuous waiters, these fantastic performers develop throughout the evening into hilarious comedy entertainment for your guests. As the evening begins - the waiters will greet your guests, introducing themselves and wishing them well.

  • Red Carpet Experience
    The Red Carpet Experience is the ultimate touch of glamour at any event and will leave all your guests feeling like superstars from the moment the chauffeur opens the door! Making you a part of Hollywood – there can be no grander entrance to your chosen venue. fantastic ice-breaker to begin your evening that is guaranteed to put a smile on everybody’s face!

  • Liberation Day
    A new and innovative approach to team building - Liberation Day is a fun, lively and beneficial team building event that takes place over an evening meal. Teams share a dramatic and exciting process in a variety of media-orientated games.

  • Individual Performers
    We have a huge selection of individual performers to choose from, including Magicians, Fortune Tellers and Tarot Readers, Dancers, Circus Performers and much more. Click the link above for further information.

  • Music
    No event is complete without musical accompanyment, whethe rit be our Murder Mysteries or our Ultimate Challenges we always supply music to help create an atmosphere to your days events - that is how important we at TheChangingFaces believe music to be. With this in mind we only have a limited number of musicains on our books. It would be very easy to source musical acts from different agencies and event companies and then sold them off as our own creating a form of pyramid selling that not only adds to the cost as a client but takes away from the personal approach that we so desperatly strive for.