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  • Murder Mystery   Our famous Murder Mystery events are written in house and provide a fantastic evening for any number of guests.
  • Treasure Hunts  This cost-effective team building tool works well as a fun and exciting one-off event and can be set in any location.
  • Comedy  A host of comedy performers from Singing and Comedy Waiters to Paparazzi and Comedy Security.
  • Red Carpet Experience  Turning up to your event in style - your guest's are treated to the full 'Red Carpet' treatment!
  • Bespoke Event  Don't see something to fit your theme?
    Have your own entertainment ideas? Allow us to make them a reality for you.

Comedy Acts


Comedy Waiters

Starting off as very inconspicuous waiters, these fantastic performers develop throughout the evening into hilarious comedy entertainment for your guests. As the evening begins - the waiters will greet your guests, introducing themselves and wishing them well. Dressed in the same uniform as the hotel staff nothing will seem amiss. The waiters will call your guests through to dinner and help them to find their seats. It is only during beginning of the meal that your guests may notice that the waiters are not quite as they appear. Becoming increasingly more inappropriate with their comments your guests won't believe that the waiters are for real - and of course they aren't. Quite often the penny doesn't drop until one of the waiters drops to his knee in offer of proposal or the other waiter begins to serenade a table of guests.


Singing/Rock n Roll Waiters

Beginning the evening as ordinary waiters these performers first deliver comedy entertainment for your guests before stunning them with awesome music and vocals. Starting as an intimate serenade to a few individuals, it soon turns into a full musical set using two acoustic guitars and a variety of percussion instruments. This really will end the night on a high.
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Comedy Security

As your guests arrive at your chosen venue - they realise that gaining entry may not be as easy as they thought! Greeted by two burly door-men, your guests will endure a zealous and overly-cautious security check whilst still receiving a warm welcome - getting everyone in the mood for the evening ahead. Your guests may find themselves being carefully searched, they could be informed of the infamous 'one in, one out' rule and made to wait - or if they are lucky enough - given the VIP treatment and rushed inside.


Disco Characters

Ever find it difficult to get your guests up and dancing? With clothes that stink of 1980's fashion and European 'slick' style these disco characters look hilarious. Their dancing is worse than their dress sense yet their effort is second to none. After watching these guys show off their dance moves - we guarantee that your guests will lose all sense of embarrassment and be filling the dance floor in no time.



As guests begin to arrive, they will enter the venue through a haze of photos and compliments from our intrepid paparazzi, receiving a warm welcome and getting everyone in the mood for the evening ahead. These characters can be played as either American reporters or 'London' paparazzi. This package can also include real photography with all pictures being supplied on a CD after the event.

Mix and Match

Can't decide which of our comedy acts would best suit your evening? Why not use a combination? Our performers could start the evening as paparazzi or security; transform into singing waiters and then end the evening on the dance floor as disco characters. Your guests will be entertained by the versatility of these performers whilst being able to enjoy each of the acts on their own. A full evening's entertainment offering you huge variety.