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Liberation Day

A new and innovative approach to team building - ‘Liberation Day is a fun, lively and beneficial team building event that takes place over an evening meal. Teams are taken through a dramatic and exciting process in a variety of media-orientated games. The event will encourage guests to look within themselves, their co-workers and their company for answers to save not only their own lives but also the lives of everyone on the planet.

Event Beginnings – The Story begins…..

The year is 2009 and a meeting has been planned for some of the greatest minds in the corporate world. The company in question are represented by some of the most forward thinking and innovative people on the planet. Used for the greater good these minds can change the world for the better, but if harnessed with a darker goal their cerebral potential could be catastrophic.

The Evening

As the delegates gather for the evening – they are unaware that events will soon take a turn for the worse. Out of nowhere – gun-fire covers the room and smoke fills the auditorium in a heavy haze. As the dust settles and silhouettes emerge, guests will find themselves held hostage by masked men, all highly trained covert operatives.

The stage is soon taken over by ‘Global Liberation Force’ leader Dieter Sveber. Dieter informs the gathered delegates that they will not be allowed to leave the premises and instead will be asked to turn their considerable intellects to cracking an impenetrable code to break into a top secret government site and steal “Quaker”. Any hostage that attempts to leave will be executed on sight. Code cracking attaché cases are given to each team as they help Dieter in his quest.

What is included?

  • 7 actors playing 10 characters
  • 2 x 32” flat screen televisions
  • Attaché cases
  • 2 Xbox 360 Premier consoles
  • Intel packs for each team

The twist

Under duress the teams begin their work for Dieter but over the commencing half hour they are contacted by a secret undercover operative dressed as a member of hotel staff. They are given a briefing pack which contains detailed evidence and background information on GLF operatives. The teams have to subtly interview the terrorists as they move around the room in an attempt to uncover their weaknesses, identify each of them and to work out what ‘Quaker’ really is. If they can do this and discover the terrorists ultimate goal maybe they can stop the wheels of this dangerous terrorist machine from turning.

During the course of dinner the teams must nominate at least one member to perform on a computerised simulation machine to test their skill so Dieter can decide who will be the crack team to steal ‘Quaker’ for him. These tests include: Assault on a building, inner city high speed driving, safe cracking and covert movement through a crowded building. The team with the best combined scores for the day will be given the chance to help Dieter and the GLF steal ‘Legion’ and become legends. Those who fail will no longer be of any use to the GLF and so will be terminated.

As the evening unfolds around them the teams have the choice as to whether to ‘give up’ their secret agent and help the terrorist or whether to work with them to save the world. The evening ends with a high drama finish of either the SAS entering and taking control of the terrorist forces or of GLF releasing their “Nano-tech” virus upon the globe.

For numbers over seventy additional actors and hardware will be required which will be charged at: Recommended additions: PA system, smoke machine, projection screen with pre recorded hostage footage (Changing faces will charge an extra £250+VAT to film and produce a hostage scene with a member of staff prior to the event evening.)