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Movie Sculptor

There's an artist in us all! Those are the words of Bryn Court – Senior Sculptor for the Harry Potter films. The Changing Faces have teamed up with Bryn and his team to create an exclusive team building event.  Delegates will be working with us to find their inner artist as they find that even the least artistic can produce something impressive. 

The group is divided into teams as they are taught the skills of clay and polystyrene sculpting used in the films: Lord of the Rings, Star Wars and Harry Potters.  Once they have learned the rudimentary skills required they have an hour and a half to design and create a unique piece of art from either of the two materials they have worked with.

Teams can either work towards individual logos representing your company or can collaborate to create a 3D coat of arms with each group creating their own part of the masterpiece.  Once completed - we can arrange for a bronze or fibre-glass version of your sculpture to be delivered to your offices


What is included?

  • Compere
  • Operators
  • All required tools
  • Moulding materials
  • Paper
  • Bronzed or fibre glass sculpture as an addition