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  • Murder Mystery   Our famous Murder Mystery events are written in house and provide a fantastic evening for any number of guests.
  • Treasure Hunts  This cost-effective team building tool works well as a fun and exciting one-off event and can be set in any location.
  • Comedy  A host of comedy performers from Singing and Comedy Waiters to Paparazzi and Comedy Security.
  • Red Carpet Experience  Turning up to your event in style - your guest's are treated to the full 'Red Carpet' treatment!
  • Bespoke Event  Don't see something to fit your theme?
    Have your own entertainment ideas? Allow us to make them a reality for you.

Murder Mystery

The Changing Faces Murder Mystery events are like no other. They are written in-house and provide a level of performance and scripting that surprises most people, especially those who have seen a Murder Mystery before. You are invited to enjoy our Murder Mystery dinners by either sitting back and watching the entertaining scenes unfold, or for the more intrepid; participating to your hearts desire and becoming an integral part of the evening’s entertainment. This act, although hilarious, is not overly intrusive and therefore allows guests to enjoy the performance as an accompaniment to your meal rather than a distraction from it.

The Changing Faces offer a wide variety of murder mystery story-lines and genres. Whether your evening is set in a Las Vegas hotel, a Medieval castle or his Lordship’s Manor House – your guests will find themselves immersed in a story filled with hilarious drama and vibrant characters. As guests interact with a Russian chef, a flirty French maid or even a naughty nun; they will be unable to avoid being drawn into an evening of intrigue and mystery. Should you require a more specific tailor-maid genre or plot - our team of script-writers can create a stunning murder mystery evening out of any idea

Our Murder Mystery will give a memorable format to your evening; it is a great ice breaker and talking point yet is not so overpowering that people cannot relax and enjoy each others company. Suitable for any size event, a Murder Mystery is the perfect solution for dinner parties, corporate events and as a light hearted team building activity. The event lends itself to the ambience of any venue and can also be used as an addition to a themed activity day. We have over a decades experience of performing murder mysteries at hundreds of venues so please contact us to find out how we can bring mystery and intrigue to your event.