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  • Murder Mystery   Our famous Murder Mystery events are written in house and provide a fantastic evening for any number of guests.
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Murder Mystery - How it Works

The Prologue

The entertainment begins during pre-dinner drinks as the characters mingle with your guests; introducing themselves and beginning to set the scene. Your guests are given the opportunity to interact and will begin to form opinions on the people involved in this web of deceit. The characters are colourful, varied and guaranteed to entertain.

The Murder

As the guests sit for dinner, a pre-dinner speech takes place during which the murder is committed. It is up to each and every person in the room to work together in order to solve the crime. One of the characters will come forward to lead the investigation, guiding the budding detectives in their search for the perpetrator. As your guests transform into investigators, they are grouped together in teams working collectively to find and present their solutions.

The Investigation

As dinner is served; short scenes take place during which revelations are discovered and the plot thickens. It becomes increasingly evident that apprehending the killer will not be easy and it will take all of your guests investigative abilities to catch the killer. As dinner comes to an end, guests will have the opportunity to interview the suspects individually to test their theories. Each of the suspects will answer questions but only your guests can attempt to distinguish between truth and lies.

The Finale

As the final questions are answered the guests are asked to submit their theories on who committed the murder and why. Once these are collected, all suspects are brought into the room and teams will present their answers to the room. The evening is brought to a climax as our investigator reveals the murderer and his or her motive; the moment of truth has arrived as the murderers confession is heard. A dramatic and breathtaking ending is promised as the murderer attempts to escape before prizes are awarded..

What is Included:

  • 6 professional actors playing 7
  • Table centres
  • Investigative Clue Pack for each team
  • Award Champagne
  • Bespoke script adjustments
  • Site visit