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  • Murder Mystery   Our famous Murder Mystery events are written in house and provide a fantastic evening for any number of guests.
  • Treasure Hunts  This cost-effective team building tool works well as a fun and exciting one-off event and can be set in any location.
  • Comedy  A host of comedy performers from Singing and Comedy Waiters to Paparazzi and Comedy Security.
  • Red Carpet Experience  Turning up to your event in style - your guest's are treated to the full 'Red Carpet' treatment!
  • Bespoke Event  Don't see something to fit your theme?
    Have your own entertainment ideas? Allow us to make them a reality for you.

Treasure Hunt : How it Works

On the day of the event, you and your team will be met by a Changing Faces compere at your desired location. After a dynamic introduction to the event; each team will be launched with purpose built and branded clue packs in their challenge against the clock.

Whether your Treasure Hunt is route based or a scavenger style hunt - teams will need to work together to decide in which direction to begin. As the adventure continues, teams will face many challenges: including photographic events, collection tasks and even seeking out hidden actors to help them on their way. The journey has many twists and turns and your guests may find themselves taking a photograph of the whole group in a phone box or interrupting a busker to see if he can offer them a riddle.  Cryptic challenges can be added to this your Treasure Hunt as teams also need to compete in activities designed to test their mental prowess and physical dexterity. 

As teams battle the clock in their return to base camp; clue packs are collected and answers are marked. Finally the grand champions are unveiled and prizes awarded before the event is drawn to a close. Team’s will find they have been capturing all of their crazy antics on digital cameras; so upon returning to the office they can be surprised with pictures of themselves with foreign tourists, upside down and in other compromising positions!

What is Included

  • A fully bespoke written treasure hunt
  • A compere to run your event
  • Actors hidden on route
  • Branded clue packs
  • Site visit and meeting